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The Composer

 If you’re like a a few of my friend’s (or for better example, me) then you might struggle with time management. I’m not only referring to procrastination, but organizing an order for daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. I’ll admit it, I panic sometimes, but at the end of the day what needs to be done must be done.


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if someone, before you, had already figured out a process that works? It would be like reading music. We could just tune up, sit down and play, confident that everything would workout in a timely manner. Unfortunately, we are the composers of our own lives. With this authority we choose how we prioritize our days, weeks and months. No outline. No guarantee. No promises. Don’t worry, there is an up side to this, because fortunately, we are the composers of our own lives. With this authority we have the freedom to accomplish anything that we put our minds to. We have the freedom to fail and the freedom to try again. Although, we can’t ink and dot notes onto a page for the next guy, we also have the freedom to encourage possibility. What will you compose?



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  • If ever there were a perfect statement for those entering into adulthood, this would be it.

    Anna Haillie Pennuell

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