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  • I first heard your music on your feed, and I thought wow, who is this guy. So I looked up your bio, and it said Winston Salem, and Talked about the School of the arts.I thought coincidence. I was and am obsessed with your talent, and kindness. Time went by and, I saw your were from Charleston. I was living there at the time. I thought God must have put you in my feed for s reason. So I wanted to know what he wanted to tell me. Then I began to pick up my own instrument and play. Then I started to sing again. You see I went through a tradgedy, and went to Charleston to get away, and I hid from life, afraid to engage people again. God used you and your friends to help pull me out, and move on. God is amazing and so are you. Keep doing all you do. God blesses thru you.

    Juanita Otero.
  • Hi Daniel. I’m a big fan of your work. I play your music on my way home from work. I have future plans of getting married again, this time to my soulmate. #thirdtimesthecharm. Would love to have you play at my wedding. Keep doing what you do, many blessings to you. Charlotte M. from Tallahassee.

    Charlotte Martinez
  • Hi, love to hear you play! I wrote a song and was wondering if you would like to play the violin part? When are you coming back to Atlanta? I think you were at Ebenezer Baptist Church or one of the churches in Atlanta when I first heard you play. Yes, I was blown away. It has been a long time so I am not absolutely sure about the venue but I can’t forget what I heard.

    poco Reese
  • Please consider coming to Dayton, Ohio….

    LaVerne Perkins
  • I’m not a person of many words, however, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    LaVerne Perkins

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