• Hi, love to hear you play! I wrote a song and was wondering if you would like to play the violin part? When are you coming back to Atlanta? I think you were at Ebenezer Baptist Church or one of the churches in Atlanta when I first heard you play. Yes, I was blown away. It has been a long time so I am not absolutely sure about the venue but I can’t forget what I heard.

    poco Reese
  • Please consider coming to Dayton, Ohio….

    LaVerne Perkins
  • I’m not a person of many words, however, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    LaVerne Perkins
  • I enjoy watching your relationship with the violin. At one time, I wanted to learn how to play but I had a bad experience with the instructor. But, watching you makes me wanna try again. I think it’s so sexy to see black music artist play jazz on this instrument type. Keep playing and I will continue to be inspired.

    A huge shout out to you my brotha!!

    Catherine Branch
  • Your a great kid and I love your music! You move gently as you play and you seem comfortable as you play. I’m an old white woman almost 60 yrs old. I do not buy cd’s often but yours I will. I love almost any kind of music and your music is just spell binding and easy. You will go far as long as you stay as you are. You have a great smile also!

    Becky Baylor

    Rebecca Baylor

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