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Songs That Remind Us Of......Moments

In 1975 the release of the well known song 'Reasons' by Earth Wind & Fire reminds me of my teenage moments.  When that song came on it was like everyone would just stop and think they could sing.  Any 'Woo Woo Woo' singers out there.  Jeffrey Osbourne's 'You Should Be Mine,' I'm sure, hit some hearts back in the day.   This was a heavy hitter in 1986, as the album is titled Emotional.  Now, I know I am speaking to someone out there.   What's your song? That song, when you hear it, makes you stop and reminisce of another time or of someone special.  Music has a special place for a lot of us.  It can even make us 'Happy' like the 2013 song by Pharrell Williams which  incorporated many people along the way singing this familiar tune. . What's your music story?  Share a memory, as Minnie put it,' Back Down Memory Lane.'  We can't wait to hear it.  MusicLife


  • Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean makes me think of the time in my life that I was so in love but learn he didn’t feel that way about me I’m glad he didn’t 👐👐👐🤗🤗

    Judith Arnold
  • There are so many songs and musical artist of yesterday and today. Good and bad memories. Just to name a few musical artists: Luther V Marvin G Rick J Teddy P The O’jays The Whispers Mary J and Kendrick Lamar

    Catherine Watson
  • Always and Forever by Heatwave……..Was always a favorite song of mine, but it really has more meaning for me because when I had my twin girls in 1990 ….they were premature and they were in the neonatal ICU ….and the first time I was able to walk in there to visit them this song was playing…. so I will always associate this song with my now soon to be 28-year-old daughters

    Marianne Silva

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