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Passion vs Progress

A constant battle quite a few musicians have at the beginning of their career is finding a balance between “real-life” and their passion. Life isn’t free, and as much as I’d love to sign a petition for the government to fund an “Artist-Work Compensation”, I highly doubt this will be happening anytime soon. Beyond the musicians struggle, a lot of us encounter this same battle in our day-to-day lives. Have you ever had to make the executive decision to push through a time-sensitive, tedious project instead of rejuvenating your mind at the beach, picking shells for your next seashore inspired creation? In that moment, it’s like choosing between dirt and chocolate. When it comes to practicing your passion, you have to develop a mentality that allows you to think big picture. Often, as artist, we have already attained this perspective. We sit down and allow our brains to form a concept; we then allow our bodies to perform the necessary tasks to achieve the outcome we imagined, sometimes even greater. Maybe it’s easier said than done, or maybe we just have to acknowledge that we’ve been doing it for a while. So, next time you have to decide between dirt and chocolate, think about it this way: you could have chocolate now and enjoy your temporary satisfaction; or you could take the dirt, in which the cocoa tree grows, and with patience and dedication, in time you will not have to choose between the two again.



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