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Moving to Music

Listening to music can be more influential than most of us notice. I’ve realized this time and time again at the gym. Have you ever been pumped and ready then you realized you’ve forgotten your earbuds? I have. I’ve found myself being trapped with the sound of machinery, grunts and the faint tunes of top 40 hits in the background. On those days my workouts didn’t last as long, and ironically, felt longer than usual. Although, these mishaps brought this concept to my attention, I also conducted an unintentional study on myself while traveling. On my way to an appointment or an event I would blast downloaded instrumentals and sing on top of the music. I realized, upon arrival to my destination, I felt more in control and confident. Some days, I wouldn’t listen to anything, and I found myself experiencing a little bit of anxiety. On days where I would only listen to the radio, my emotions found a calm medium. When I looked back at how my mood had been altered, it amazed me how easily influenced I was simply because of music or lack there of. I definitely pay a lot more attention to, not only the kind of music I’m spinning, but also when I am listening. With this attentiveness, I’ve found a great balance of motivation and relaxation. This experiment had me thinking: wouldn’t life be so much easier if we each had our own sound tracks? What would yours consist of? What music influences you?



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