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IHOb, You're Kidding Me - IHOP's Name Change

I'm sure by now you've heard the news. It seems that in order to celebrate 50 years of being a well known American establishment. IHOP has decided to make a confusing, if not annoying, branding move. There are articles swarming the web discussing IHOP's name change decision to change their name to IHOb. Now, when I first heard this, it didn't phase me too much. I thought: "International House of Breakfast, huh? Well, It's not far off. They do sell everything breakfast." I then moved on with my life. Just last week I started to hear the gossip. Burgers. Burgers? Beyond my never having an International House of Pancakes burger, I wasn't aware until last week that they were on the menu...

Here I am, at IHOP (for research purposes...), and I decided to ask my server "What's the deal?". He informed me that he was not informed. He showed me that they recently received new menu's. They are presented in a set of two. One labeled IHOP and the other, you guessed it, labeled IHOb. Why? I wasn't in the conference room when they discussed the crucial role this would play in their marketing, but I would be more satisfied, understanding and down-right care more if Burger King changed their name to "We're not sure what we're doing anymore." 

If you think I'm being harsh, check out what these major brands are saying about it:

white castle ihob ihop name change

wendys ihob ihop name change

I couldn't get over Wendy's response.

Theory 1: this is a marketing tactic to bring attention to the fact that they sell burgers. For dietary reasons, I cannot personally try them, but I have looked up enough reviews to think that they aren't fabulous enough for a name change. That's comparable to someone saying you have nice handwriting and you deciding to quit your job to become a scribe. That joke would have made more sense in the 1400s.

Theory 2: Maybe, it's a marketing tactic to simply bring attention to IHOP. Period. Can you imagine how many people flushed into IHOP just to try their burgers? You know, with some odd hope that they are reinvented or at least worth the hype. I have to admit, the IHOP I am sitting in right now is more crowded than I would typically expect for a late morning in the middle of the week. 

I give them points for originality. When is the last time you have witnessed a major chain make such a huge branding change? To claim to be the International House of one food and then switch to the distant cousin. They are definitely causing an online stir and once again, the proof is in the blog. Here we are talking about it. 

Since, I haven't been able to try the burgers and, thank God, will never be able to. I want to know who has. If you have tried an IHOb burger, let me know if it's worth the IHOP name change. What are your thoughts on this branding move in general? What's your theory? Have you noticed a pattern in controversial marketing?

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