Condolences, Well Wishes, and Epic Experiences

Were you in the V.I.P. section on Wednesday Facebook Live with Daniel D.? Seems like an already familiar group of YouTube followers who tuned in with the already 1.3k established Facebook fans who share their comments throughout the weekly hour show.  Comments like; 

"Every time I'm in a negative mood or having a bad day, I listen to ur music sometimes and it really helps. Thanks for being u and making great music."  

It's like family when someone shares about a loss of a loved one, there is an instant feed of comments of condolences.  When someone has a birthday shout out, what follows immediately are well wishes.  From All over the world fans share their hearts and support of each other not because they know each other personally. No, they've never met; but, it's like they've shared something once they've entered the Daniel D.'s  weekly Facebook LIVE Show.  

Now it's the Fan's turn to share their stories.  Share how music has changed their lives.  Let the world know that the universal language has bonded them and kept them in ways that only they can share.  

The world can not wait to hear your stories.  Send them in.  We will do our best to put as much as we can in our BLOG.  We will choose stories throughout the week as we Blog together.

Just like Daniel D.'s album Epic Sounds.  This is going to be an Epic experience. Blog with me.

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