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A Note From the Author.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with my readers. I enjoy getting to know each one of you, slowly but surely, by reading your opinionated responses.

All in all, I enjoy you, but the other day it was brought to my attention that we don't really know each other.

Each week I have expressed myself and not once have I put a description to my voice. So, allow me to introduce myself in this note from the author, me, Faith Lyn.

Who are you?

Some of you already know who I am. For Daniel D.'s day-one fans, you are aware that I am his younger sister; a singer, songwriter and guitarist by the name of Faith Lyn.

faith lyn davis guitaristWhen I was 12 years old I took a year of Classical Guitar lessons from a man named Mr. Craig Smith. Mr. Smith's knowledge was as long as his wind. He was full of stories I would much more appreciate at 25 than at 12. I will never forget the day he brought me a few songs by the Beatles.I am also a native of Charleston, South Carolina, but I am currently waking up to the city sounds of Atlanta, Georgia. I fiddled with a few instruments before I found my knack. Piano, Saxophone, Double Bass, and Violin.

As I was gradually getting more comfortable with my chord changes, he encouraged me to sing. That's when I found out I had a unique sound. I didn't sound like the RnB artists I heard on the radio or the Country artist I saw grace the stages on CMT, but something in between. Something that I liked and that I would eventually learn to love.

I wrote my first song that year. "Daddy, I Love You", a song for my father. With parents as supportive as ours, these things aren't taken lightly. I went on to record this song and perform it in front of my church for fathers day. Just me and my guitar.

A rush I never stopped chasing. 


What do you do?

I'm always amused by that question. "What do you do?" I live, what about you? Seriously, though, I perform, I write and I also teach piano at a few schools here in Georgia.

My main gig is studying people. I have always been intrigued by peoples reactions and reasons. Learning the "why" behind the confident decisions people make gives me better perception. Perception is an amazing tool for a songwriter.

Why do you blog? 

Between the people I have to block on a daily basis for inappropriate shares and the fact that I pretty much have to ignore my inbox/friend requests, I'm slowly falling out of love with Facebook, but do you know what feature I actually appreciate? The memories.

I love how Facebook will recall a status that you wrote years ago. I take advantage of these moments. There is a certain thrill in analyzing my mentality from years ago and seeing myself now.

Do you ever notice that when you really want to remember something, your best bet is writing it down? I mean beyond the reminders that Siri inefficiently puts in your daily to-dos. Actually putting letters together and turning words into sentences seems to stain our minds a lot more than any other method of remembering. This is why I blog. Because I want you to remember. I want the world to remember. Not just me, but what I had to say.

I hope knowing a little more about who I am gives you a better outlook on what we discuss here. I'm a simple creative, just like you. I love anything Art. From ballet, painting, and photography to singing, playing instruments and writing, I've dabbled in them all, but my true passion is writing.

I would love to know more about you. What's your passion? What inspires you? Leave a comment below. 


  • I am Faith’s number one fan, because she is my Favorit daughter (Only daughter, joke between us). I most admire her as a person because she is one of those people who can do anything she makes up her mind she really wants to do. My son has great talent and the world is learning more about his gift on daily basis, but my daughter has more talent as the world will learn very soon.

  • Good afternoon, I am a very sensitive as I cried through some of your blog. My inspiration comes from music and animals, especially Horses. I am also inspired by my church, The Brick Church, and The Word of God. Sincerely, Caren Little

    Caren Little

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