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  • C'est La Vie, right?

    Contrary to popular belief, I love being American. Some of you are asking "who doesn't?", some of you are asking "why?", and some of you are more concerned with your next trip out of the country to even be bothered with this blog.
  • IHOb, You're Kidding Me - IHOP's Name Change

    I'm sure by now you've heard the news. It seems that in order to celebrate 50 years of being a well known American establishment. IHOP has decided to make a confusing, if not annoying, branding move. There are articles swarming the web discussing IHOP's decision to change their name to IHOb.
  • Why has songwriting become such a hot topic in the hip hop community?

    Because of the long history of hip hop from freestyle battles to cyphers, I feel like an illusion has been created. Somehow over the years there has been an expectation for rappers to be the only composer of their lyrics. 
  • This Could Be You, But You Haven't Signed Up Yet.

    For my readers who believe in my theory, here's another opportunity for you. You too can be apart of an exclusive membership at It's comparable to cutting the line at one of the hottest clubs in your city, because you get early access to future projects before everyone else. Not to mention free downloads and 20% off of every purchase at
  • A Day When No One Has to Say "Me Too" Again.

    I woke up this morning a text message from a friend saying "First, Bill Cosby. Now, Morgan Freeman." All I could think was "No." Although, Morgan Freeman never set his career up to exclusively promote good morals, I find it quite odd that right after the conviction of Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman is up to bat. 

  • Everybody Has a Favorite - Our Obsession with Studying Creatives.

    It seems like we've approached a time where there is enough information to be gathered and missed, allowing us to form personalities for creatives and people of influence. I've asked myself multiple times, why do we feel the need to build one sided relationships with these distant strangers?
  • The one little pig and the big bad experience.

    I've worked with children for years. Within those years I have been exposed to several legendary children's stories. The most familiar being The Three Little Pigs. What catches my attention about this particular story are the many different versions that exist.
  • Kanye West vs. The World

    We have to touch on what's been blowing up social media lately, Politician Kanye West.  The personality that we have grown to love has always represented speaking your mind even when the entire room doesn't agree. He has broken social rules many times in the past. Why is this different? 
  • Don't Dim Your Light - Let Your Confidence Shine.

    Confidence plays an important role in our lives. It is often a huge factor, if not the only, when it comes to making decisions. I recently encountered a situation where my confidence was put into perspect
  • Here's to personal growth. A toast to the creative mind.

    I once read that creatives have an alternate view of the world because we are used to failing. With the practice and criticism it takes to get to where we are, we are not often concerned with typical social issues. It's a selfish way of thinking really. A pedestal if you will. It is my theory that this is why we perform on stages and seem to lose our rationality when the spotlights cut off. In short, we're all kind of sociopaths. 
  • Confessions Of A Mid-Twenties Extrovert

    Extroverts often experience moments where the options consists of catering to the situation or catering to themselves. Seldom do we cater to the actual situation, but instead, become it. As if we have some sort of spotlight complex that causes us to become the most selfish-selfless person in the room. This is my comfort zone.
  • Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

    I had the pleasure of opening up for two amazing musicians this passed weekend. It was a combined show between my brother, Daniel D., and an amazing guitarist named Terence Young. I remember noticing Terence changed his shirt off stage, in the middle of the show. I laughed as I approached him and questioned if he always did a wardrobe change. He simply told me "Of course, it's all a part of the experience. You have to give people an experience." I smiled. He's on to something. A lot of musicians do not think this intently about their performance. I never did.