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Why has songwriting become such a hot topic in the hip hop community?

Drake & Pusha T Beef

I can confidently say that Drake is well known everywhere. He is one of the biggest artists in the industry and I don’t see this status changing anytime soon. With all this success, comes people trying to steal just an inch big enough to launch their own social status and once again, an irrelevant rapper has challenged his throne. Pusha T, who I will, from here on, refer to as Terrence, is a rapper who first entered into the industry with a group formed in 1992 called Clipse. If you don’t recall this group, don’t feel unknowledgeable. Instead, join the club.

You might remember his more talented, slightly more relevant brother and group-mate, Malice. I’ll even go the extra mile and jog your memory by reminding you of Clipse number one (and possibly only hit) “Grindin.’”

Freestyle Battles & Hip Hop History

My rant isn’t about this particular beef. I honestly couldn’t careless. It’s no competition, but what I find humorous is the attempt that rappers are making to hold on to the past. Hip hop’s first home was found in the underground scenes, more often than not in the form of battle rap. A quick witted act of insulting your opponent through freestyles. I think it’s definitely a talent, but we have come so far since then. Hip hop has become more than just a social rebellion. It’s become a career. A very successful one, I might add.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. No publicity is bad publicity, after all. The attacks on other players in this game we call the music industry is great way to stay relevant in the media. Honestly, had Terrance not made his diss track about Drake, I would have lived and died not knowing who he was. No harm, no foul. Yet, here I am blogging about him.

Hip Hop Songwriting 

This brings me to my main topic. Songwriting. Because of the long history of hip hop from freestyle battles to cyphers, I feel like an illusion has been created. Somehow over the years there has been an expectation for rappers to be the only composer of their lyrics. That means between the tours and exclusive shows, between rehearsals and studio sessions, between interviews and sleep itself, they are responsible for writing at least 10 hits for their next album. Sir, please sit down.

Quality vs. Ego: 15 Minutes of Fame vs. Long Term Music Career

Quality over ego. Let's focus on what's really important. Who are you doing it for? The street cred or the fans? Your pride or your career? I like to refer to artists like Drake and Kanye West as business men because they seem to always choose the latter. I'll give you a second to compare their careers with Meek Mill and Terrance. Exactly.

There is so much more to this industry than beef and there is definitely enough money to go around. I'm exhausted by it. How do you feel about the Terrance (Pusha T) and Drake beef? Are you expecting a response from Drake? Do you think this is an efficient route to gaining publicity? What are your expectations when it comes to hip hop artists?

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