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What's Your Favorite Brand?


When it comes to contemporary artist, I am always fascinated by their presentation. I’m not talking about the choreography and stage fog, I’m talking about the presentation of themselves. We’ll call it branding; clothing, lifestyle, all the way down to their stage name. Did you know Ne-yo created his name with the help of the legendary producer Deon “Big D” Evans? It started out as a nickname. Big D compared Ne-yo’s outlook on music to how Neo saw the matrix in the movie “The Matrix.” After a while, it just stuck. Not everyone’s story is so obscure. Fergie found her stage name within her name, Stacy Ann Ferguson. Although, some artist are pretty transparent about what they represent, take a moment and research the origin of some of their choices. It’s interesting. You get to know a lot about an artist’s personality by not only looking at how they brand themselves, but also discovering why.