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This Could Be You, But You Haven't Signed Up Yet.

The women in my family seem to pass down a hoarding gene. From my grandmother's uncloseable wallet due to credit cards to my mother's lethal hands at flea markets, I too fall into this mold. My mother often jokes that, on her days out shopping, when the cashier asks if she has a store card, she tells them to look up my number.

Eight out of ten, I'm in the system. I'm a membership junky. Pharmacies, grocery stores, retail shops and let not forget the countless profiles online. Don't pity me. I love it! It's like modern day coupon clipping except you save a lot more trees and a lot more money.

Be Exclusive

For my readers who believe in my theory, here's another opportunity for you. You too can be apart of an exclusive membership at It's comparable to cutting the line at one of the hottest clubs in your city, because you get early access to future projects before everyone else. Not to mention free downloads and 20% off of every purchase at

Online and In Person

This is also one of few memberships that gives you exclusive perks online AND in person. Yes, AND in person. When you sign up for a membership at, you'll receive a membership card in the mail. Where applicable, that card is good for upgrading your tickets to V.I.P. status at live concerts.

A Token of Our Appreciation 

No good deed goes unnoticed with us. The week you join the team, make sure you tune into Daniel D.'s live. You will receive a live stream shoutout from the artist himself. Also, don't forget to provide your birthday because that's one more gift headed your way.

There are many more perks that come with this membership. From YouTube credits to members only polls and access to exclusive collections by Daniel D. You get it all. Also, for a limited time new members are automatically entered into a contest giving you the chance to win a PRIVATE live stream concert by Daniel D. Hurry! Entries stop on June 30!

What's the Catch?

There is none. I don't mean that in some "there are no calories if I'm not counting" kind of way. I mean you get everything I just told you for the amazing price of $9.99 a month. With options to bundle months for a cheaper price or save the most money and simply pay for the whole year. If you're still not convinced that this is a offer worth stealing feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Meanwhile, check out the membership perks for yourself. Tell me what your thoughts are, what you love and what you think would be some great incentives for the future. I've got some other memberships to sign up for, so until next time!