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The Legend of the Legend

We are living in the years of social media. We have eyes and ears all over the world. Yes, I’m talking about that vast pool of ideas, guidance and inspiration; the World Wide Web. The internet is overflowing with tutorials on what to do and what not to do to achieve the outcome you wish. Which can be easily followed up with a quick surf through “trial-and-error “ forums written by people just like you. We have created a united front against failure. So much, that even “failure”, in it’s oddity, has gained it’s own celebrity status. With all of this access, it leaves me wondering: will there be anymore legends? When it comes to music, what defines a legend? I’ve always believed a legend was someone who has presented and executed an idea in such a way that changed the direction of music forever. Cliche, I know. Especially, when time and time again history has proven to only repeat itself. Maybe, with this concept, originality has been diluted so much that we are no longer impressed by what would have been seen as innovative collaborations. Will there be another icon with an influence to the capacity of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Barry Gordy or even Marylin Monroe? What are your thoughts? In your opinion, who has the potential?