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Kanye West vs. The World

We're finally consistently in the 80s down here. Which is almost too hot for my liking, but I'll take this over the cold rain, any day. For a moment, I thought Spring decided to take a hiatus this year. The weather has been crazy. Speaking of crazy we have to touch on what's been blowing up social media lately, Politician Kanye West.

Although, I find it nearly impossible for you to not be aware of what I am referring to, I'll brief you. It all started a little over a week ago. In short, Kanye West made it publicly known that he has no problem with Donald Trump as a person. He even went to the extent of tweeting a picture of his "Make America Great Again" hat that he signed. He was also seen talking with the media alongside Donald Trump, himself, explaining that they were friends. As you can imagine, this triggered controversy amongst his fans. 

After tweeting about 5 paragraphs explaining that his support for Donald trump has nothing to do with agreeing with what he does, but everything to do with showing love for each other and being yourself, he decided to throw America in the blender one more time by making this statement in an interview: [Slavery] sounds like it was a choice. This didn't sit well with a lot of people. He is even seen leaving a radio interview after being confronted about his "responsibility" as a person of influence to "do better". 

Social media is flooding with memes on this topic. Some other celebrities have even contributed there opinion to the issue. One in particular is Snoop Dogg. Snoop seems to have made an agenda to bash Kanye West daily with memes and remarks about how he has been "white washed". Now, there are rumors about Kanye West running for president in 2024 and also about this being the plot for Jordan Peele's, Get Out 2.  

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I refuse to elaborate on my personal opinion on Kanye West remarks. I honestly believe, 7 out 10, it would disappoint you. I originally thought this was some sort of marketing concept. A very successful one, I might add. As if Kanye West hasn't always been a trending topic, he sure has all eyes on him now. What I find humorous is that Kanye West somewhat branded the idea of being the Devil's Advocate. The personality that we have grown to love has always represented speaking your mind even when the entire room doesn't agree. He has broken social rules many times in the past. Why is this different? 

Is it because he is black, that he is obligated to side with what majority of black people believe in. That in it self is only an idea. We are unaware of where each of us stands as individuals because we do not have as large a voice as people like Kanye West. Sure, you see what floods through your timeline, but even those are just opinions of people that you chose to give access to your life. I would have to assume that their beliefs are not far off from yours.

So, where exactly is the issue? Is it as simple as his beliefs not lining up with the idea we created in our heads? Maybe, the fact that he chooses to approach the presidential situation that we are currently in, not with anguish, but acceptance. I love how social media has given us access to snippets of situations that we will never fully understand. 

Where do you stand? Do you agree that this is a marketing tactic? Do you agree with Kanye West?