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Hey Siri, What Year is it?

Hey Siri, What Year is It?


"What confidence a cycle can bring, because a cycle is a circle but with a spring."


It's the year 2018 and all I can say is "is it?" I wake up every morning, roll over towards my night stand and ask Siri what is the weather like today. Living in the not-so-south I get an answer between the degrees of 30 and 70. Yes, within the same week. There's a beauty to this. I get to experience fluctuation in a controlled environment. Think about it. Regardless of what the skies decide to produce that day, I have the opportunity to be prepared. What a joy it would be to have this access with other parts of our lives.


Have you noticed how fast the world is turning? I don't mean literally rotating. I mean, using this word lightly, progressing. If you don't agree, consider this. The first cell phone was created in 1973. It had 12 physical buttons, no screen, and weighed over 2 pounds at 10 inches long. Not even 50 years later Apple has released buttonless technology that scans your face to allow you access to your many applications. Did you just realize how old you are? Don't worry, it's not you, it's meme



You're welcome. The year has been 365 days for as long as I can remember, but trends seem to cause our minds to move at least 4 times as fast. With the four seasons of fashion, with artists scrambling to release the next big summer hit, it seems that an illusion of acceleration has been created. 


Hey Siri, what year is it? It's 2018 and the NFL has the highest annual revenue in America, Lionel Richie is a judge on American Idol, and I still haven't downloaded the latest version of iOS on my iPhone. This is a concept that is made all too clear in the music industry, with mainstream artists constantly releasing songs and underground artists racing to cover them, we are pressured to move at a pace beyond ourselves. For some, this brings on a sense of accomplishment. For others, a sense of delay. 


As I have said before, history only repeats itself. So, maybe there is a beauty in this as well.


"What confidence a cycle can bring, because a cycle is a circle but with a spring." - Faith Lyn


Although, there are four seasons of fashion, there will be another Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each year, every year. There will be another beach party with a new hit, and the American Idol Judges will keep changing (I'm still stuck on that). Which wave will you catch? I find it comforting that there isno end-all time limit when it comes to the arts, but it seems that there are repetitive time frames. 


Hey Siri, what year is it? It's 2018 and you have a new year with new waves. A new four seasons with new opportunities and hopefully now, a new perspective. Although, we do not have the same heads up that we receive with the weather, we do have the understanding that as long as we keep pushing forward, regardless of the pace, we will, in time, catch our wave. What waves do you think will come next? Which one would you like to catch?