Good Marketing, Neighbor! "No publicity is bad publicity." – DanielDMusicStore

Good Marketing, Neighbor! "No publicity is bad publicity."


Good Marketing, Neighbor! 

"No publicity is bad publicity." 

McDonald’s or Burger King? Coke or Pepsi? Biggie or Tupac? Drake or Meek? No publicity is bad publicity, but all publicity can be good marketing. I was getting my hair cut at the barbershop the other day when one of the barber’s noticed the owl earrings I was wearing. Anyone that knows me well enough, or not at all, often knows that I have an ironic obsession with owls.  It’s ironic because although I love the graphics of owls on everything from earrings all the way down to the tattoo on my left hand, I’m a bit terrified of the personality of real owls. There’s a metaphor about beauty in there, but that’s for another day and possibly another blog. Back to the earrings. My brother and sister-in law had purchased them at a local market. They are handmade of what seems to be a thin wood material with the details of the owl stenciled in a darker brown. I’m a huge fan of drake and it has nothing to do with the OVO symbol although I was elated to see that he chose such a majestic creature to represent his company. This is the OVO symbol: 



My earrings look like this



The barber proceeded to make a joke by asking if I was a fan of Drake. He referred to my earrings and asked if they were OVO owls. I admitted to Drake being one of my favorite artist and followed up by saying that my admiration didn’t go as far as he was implying. Then my barber stated that I probably wouldn't be caught wearing DC earrings. If you don’t get the reference, don’t worry, I was just as confused. They noticed. After a brief explanation I learned that DC, or Dream Chasers, is a brand that Meek Mill created. I'm assuming the association between owls and Drake were just as significant as the association between Drake and Meek Mill for them.


Here's a history lesson for my readers who happened to miss the "beef." Drake and Meek Mill were caught in a feud about 3 years ago. Keep in mind that’s 3+ years of free marketing. It all started with a tweet by Meek Mill. 


From there Drake responded with a diss track and Meek Mill attempted to retaliate with his own. It’s a short, sad, embarrassing story [for Meek] after that.


If you can’t tell by now, I’m not a fan of Meek Mill. He is the Burger King to Drake's McDonald’s, or the RC Cola to Drake's Coke. It has nothing to do with Drake, but everything to do with my lack of enjoyment for his music. Even with this bias, I found myself looking up his brand and even writing this blog. What does that say?


What a beautiful era when you can fail forward. We are living in a time where your biggest mistake could actually cause your biggest success. Caught and exposed by the right person or right amount of people it could influence people to buy your product. Your "product" could range from Music, apparel, services or simply yourself. Yes, selling your self-image. Look at Antoine Dodson. Do you remember him?   It's been nearly a decade since he found a celebrity status after his interview on the local news. He teamed up with The Gregory Brothers, a humorous music group you can check out on YouTube and created "The Bed Intruder Song." This song went viral. Soon after, the same guy who was originally interviewing on the news about a possible rapist entering his home, was now receiving commercial invitations, making guest appearances on major talk shows and even performed his debut song at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.


How about Kim Kardashian? Even if you don't know who she is, I'm sure you've heard her name before. A lot of people fail to realize that she wasn't just some random woman who became famous over a sex tape. Before that, and for her entire life, she was the daughter of Robert Kardashian, one of the lawyers that represented O.J. Simpson in one of the most controversial murder trials of America. Smell that? It smells like opportunity. Be careful, though. There is a wide, long, vast grey area of mediocre. Don't fall in. I often do not leave reviews for anything unless I found it to be that appealing or that disappointing.  I am in no way co-signing you to pull your pants down in public, but this concept should make you fear failure a little less.


I guarantee someone is going to search at least one person mentioned in this blog. Go for it, like I said, all publicity could potentially be good marketing. Maybe, you'll look up Antoine Dodson's almost platinum hit, Drake's diss track or Meek Mill's "Where Are They Now?". You might even do some research as to why O.J., after being exonerated for murder, went back to prison for robbery of his own belongings. 

Just to clear up the curiosity you've had since you started reading: McDonald's French fries win over Burger King's, any day. I don't drink sodas. Biggie and, of course, Drake. I go to a barber because I have the sides of my hair shaved low. This makes for an edgy look when I'm wearing my MusicLife polo hat that I purchased at Go grab one and in the meantime, tell me, who do you think has had the most success from the tabooist event? Who has recently had the most positive publicity? Have you ever failed forward?