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Everybody Has a Favorite - Our Obsession with Studying Creatives.

My favorite actor is Woody McClain, a rising star born in my hometown, Charleston, SC. I first set eyes on McClain when he made his debut appearance as Bobby Brown in The New Edition Story. Although, I'm pretty sure my draw towards him as an actor formed because of my celebrity obsession with the young Bobby Brown, I've done some research on McClain since then. 

Why Do We Study Creatives & Celebrities?

This blog has nothing to do with Woody McClain. Instead, it's about the countless interviews I watched in a desperate attempt to "know" him. My process was no different than those weeks I spent a couple years ago watching New Edition interviews and Bobby Brown music videos until the dance routines were stained into my memory. I've asked myself multiple times, why do we feel the need to build one sided relationships with these distant strangers?

"I've asked myself multiple times, why do we feel the need to build one sided relationships with these distant strangers?"

Being a person of influence is a powerful position to hold. Kanye West proves each year, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. I can only imagine. The reason we yearn to define the personality of these creatives is because they pour such a large amount of influence into our lives. Whether it's a romantic pull or strictly platonic, you can compare your desire to "know" to a first date. There are so many reasons why people agree to go on a first date. Usually, it's attraction. Sometimes, it's use. It could also be boredom. These, amongst a collaboration of many more, are all reasons we study these people of influence. It's an attempt to understand. Whenever something makes us feel, we, as humans, often tend to study the source. When it comes to people, it seems like we want some sort of validation that the influence we are receiving lines up with society. Our society. Kind of like listeners of Christian rap. 

I often wonder who would be trending if Kanye West wasn't so adamant about exposing his personalty. Would Donald Trump have become president if we didn't have record of his vulgar past and present? Would Kim Kardashian's family fortune have sold her image so successfully had she not been so nonchalant about the release of her sex tape? After asking all of these questions, I felt less obsessed.

Social Media Allows Us to Get Know Creatives

celebrity social media obsessionIt seems like we've approached a time where there is enough information to be gathered and missed, allowing us to form personalities for these creatives. Thus, a new realm of marketing has exposed itself. With so many platforms to allow fans to "know" you, we have all become actors. I wouldn't be surprised if ten years from now multiple personality disorder is a leading diagnosis for retired creatives.

Until then, I will enjoy my health. I'm curious about your influences. It's fun to research your favorite creatives. Don't worry, their personalities, or what's presented as such, defines the type of person you are. I truly believe that in order for some to create art influential enough for strangers, their personality will tend to contrast the ones being influenced. Just like how we often take advice from people who see from a different perspective and present a new solution. 

Who are your favorite creatives? Have you researched the personality they present in interviews and off stage? What do you think draws you to them? Do you relate to their beliefs as much as you appreciate their craft?