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Don't Dim Your Light - Let Your Confidence Shine.

Confidence plays an important role in our lives. It is often a huge factor, if not the only, when it comes to making decisions. I recently encountered a situation where my confidence was put into perspective. When approached by a stranger asking about what was on my mind, I explained my thoughts. How easy it seems to talk to someone who's influence is irrelevant, or so I thought. 

I recently performed at a venue in Atlanta called Apache Cafe. If you're not familiar with this place it is pretty much the Bluebird Cafe of Atlanta, times ten. Everyone who is anyone has passed through here and it is often frequented by great artists. I played and to my surprise, it went extremely well. On my way out, a man stopped me and questioned how a performance that well could result in my expression. I explained to this stranger how I often get anxious in situations where I feel that others might judge me.

In short, you might call it nervous. A feeling that I have been trying to overcome for years. I explained that it seems like no matter how great of a reaction I get or how many compliments I receive, I still have this anxiety. His response is one that I will never forget. 

He told me that it sounds like I lack confidence. Well, duh. Probably. He presumed that I have put myself in many situations in my past that pressured me to "dim my light." That I've made a habit of not using my full potential, possibly for the sake of others. He went on to explain why this is a habit worth getting rid of and why I will have success doing this in my future.

In honor of the NFL Draft, he used this metaphor. These kids practice for years with one dream. To be of the few chosen to play in the NFL. It's no wonder their personalities are often intense. You have to be crazy to believe that out of the millions of people with that same dream, you'll triumph. This doesn't discourage them, instead it puts a pressure to be the best that you can be. He told me that I'm feeling that pressure. He told me that like those kids dreaming of becoming NFL players, turn that pressure into preparation. At the end of the day, all confidence is, is preparation.

"At the end of the day, all confidence is, is preparation."

I'm not a sports fan, but I have to think about how insane Gucci Mane was when he literally released a mix tape everyday. What about T-pain when he brought auto tune back to live performance? Even just how purely insane Kanye West is. Jokes aside, it's interesting when we receive inspiration in situations that we were almost positive we would attain nothing from. 

I doubt I will ever see that man again. I promise I will never forget that conversation. So, this one is short and sweet.

To all of my readers who might be dimming their light for whatever reason. Don't. Prepare yourself. There's something great coming.

What are your dreams? How do you improve your confidence level and prepare yourself for greatness? Leave a comment below.