A Day When No One Has to Say "Me Too" Again.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty

Bill Cosby could be facing life in prison. Last month, Bill Cosby was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault and come September of this year he could be facing 30 years in prison. In my mind, that's life. 

There is no excuse for sexual assault. No amount of politics, money, or celebrity could be argued to form a decent justification for it. Everyone deserves justice. As disappointing as it is for this to occur so late in his life, Bill Cosby or not, justice is served. 

Morgan Freeman Allegations

I woke up this morning a text message from a friend saying "First, Bill Cosby. Now, Morgan Freeman." All I could think was "No." Although, Morgan Freeman never set his career up to exclusively promote good morals, I find it quite odd that right after the conviction of Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman is up to bat. Eight women came forward stating that Freeman has made inappropriate comments about their body and dress attire. Of these eight women, two claim to have been touched inappropriately. When I read the article posted by CNN, I couldn't help but get annoyed.

Me Too Movement

me too hashtag signBefore you judge me, let me clarify why. I am annoyed for two opposing reasons. Regardless, of the times these men peaked in their career, it is irritating how common sexual harassment has become. So much so, that there has been an entire movement, called #MeToo, dedicated to getting women the help they need AFTER the matter. I'm not ignorant to Americas history. Even the bible doesn't refer to women when it comes to, what seem to be, more important moral rules. I am aware of women's rights on just now, realistically, becoming more active. It is annoying how a crime that is so blatantly wrong can also be so blatantly committed. Witnesses and all.

Bill Cosby's Conviction & Morgan Freeman Allegations

My second reason for being annoyed is going to come off insensitive. I will even disclaim my statement by stating that I could be annoyed simply because of the dynamic between Bill Cosby's conviction and Morgan Freeman's allegations. I went as far as to watch a video of the inappropriate comments made by Morgan Freeman. Yes, he is extremely flirtatious. I could definitely see how this could make someone uncomfortable.

At the same time there was no attention brought to his remarks at the time. He seemed to have the same mannerisms of a "fresh" old man you may run into on the street. Her response of laughter and thanks confuses me and possibly contradicts her allegations. I, in no way blame the woman for wearing a dress, heels and makeup, but I do believe he was simply complimenting her. Possibly, excessively.

My Perspective

I am a woman. A black woman, at that. I understand the trials we face everyday walking out into a world predominantly ran by men, and ironically ran by sex at the same time. It is not the responsibility of the woman to lose her comfort in dressing the way that she pleases in exchange for the possibility of not being harassed. I do believe it is the responsibility of any human being to speak up when they are in a situation of discomfort, especially if there are others around to support you. 

"I am a woman. A black woman, at that. I understand the trials we face everyday walking out into a world predominantly ran by men, and ironically ran by sex at the same time."

I am following this story like a hawk. I am really curious to see what Freeman's response will be. If he chooses to do so.

Until then, I want to know your thoughts. If you find some free time look up the article in CNN Entertainment news. What is your opinion on these allegations? Do you believe I am being insensitive for questioning these allegations? How do you feel about the Me Too movement?